Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Yay Friday!! I love Fridays...I get to stay home (My most favorite place on earth!), help my son with his homeschool work, and clean!!

Then, tomorrow we are going to the county fair! I love to see all the animals, and eat corn on the cob!! And I'm secretly hoping I can find some cornstalks for my porch!!

 Anyway....... I could use a little advice...I made this Burlap Fall Banner the other day, and I'm not sure where to hang it! Originally I had intended to hang it outside on my front porch, but it turned out way cuter than I had anticipated, and now I don't want to ruin it!!

 I've hung it in my livingroom temporarily, where you can see it right away when you walk in the door, and while I do think it goes great with all my colors and stuff in there, I am worried it may be a little...ummm...... busy.

 What do you all think? Leave it on the bookshelves or find a different place?

Looking at these pictures I can see it's clearly time for some fall decor on this side of the room!! 

Happy day everyone!


  1. Hmm. It does look a bit busy here. Do you have a door frame or open wall or fire place? It is very cute!

    1. Thanks for your comment Darla! yes, there is a wide entry into the kichen to the left of these shelves..I am thinking of moving it over there if it will husband got a bit grumpy last Valentines Day when I hung a banner there because he kept hitting his head on it!!'s not my fault you're too tall... I kept telling him!!

  2. Hi, Laurel, so nice to meet you! Thank you for becoming my newest follower! I'm following you as well. : )

    Your banner is perfect for fall decorating! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Hi Deanna! Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog, I'm now a follower of yours too!
    I love your banner and the burlap runner that you made in another post, great job on them! Myself I'd try the banner on your fireplace!

  4. Laurel your blog looks so fun, I have to take a look around! Thanks for your sweet comments and yes I am definitely following you too!

  5. Hi Deanna,

    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog! :) did a really great job on that banner! I love anything made with burlap. I like it where you have it but as someone else suggested, if you have a fireplace, it would love wonderful there too....or in a wide entry. Or possibly above a focal area in your room (even if it's above a sofa).

    One's so looks good anywhere! Great job!

    Have a great rest of the weekend!


  6. Hi Deanna, thanks for visiting my blog and following, and I am following right back. Great banner. Peeked backwards on a few of your posts. A treat.

  7. Hi Deanna~ I have found you.I am a little north from you in Redding.My dauhgters have recently moved from Brentwood and Antioch up this way.It is still very warm here, we are used to fall in New England. t sure is different here in Cali. Happy fall decorating. Blessings~Sara

  8. What a pretty banner! What font did you use? I love it! I was thinking since it has the word "harvest" it would look great in the kitchen. But I do think it's pretty enough to go anywhere! I'm following you back!

  9. Hi Laurel! I used modge podge on the pear, it really amazed me that it has lasted.
    Hope you had a good weekend.


  10. Hi Laurel, I love the banner, I've been wanting to make one for my mantle, do you have one? Thanks so much for following us, love your adorable blog.

    Katie@ the shabby cottage

  11. I love the banner! Perfect for fall. It would be lovely anywhere in the house!


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