Monday, October 22, 2012

Darling, Inspired, Skirts for my Bookcases!!

               Howdy Everyone!!
Today I thought I'd show you the cute little skirts I made last night for my super tall, skinny bookcases. These bookcases have 7 shelves each, and they can hold a lot of stuff!! 

Way too much in fact, so I made these flirty little skirts to try and hide some of the clutter, and the added benefits are I think they make the bookcases seem more substantial, and they warm them up a bit! 

Left side Close-up:

Left Side:

 Right Side Close-up: sorry for the's terribly gloomy out today and the lighting is just icky!
Right Side:

Here are a few shots of the rest of the room to give you context!!!..........

Here are the before pictures for comparison!

 I was completely inspired by 

Here is a photo of her lovely creation that started my wheels turning!! Thanks Janet!! I do love your washstand so much!! 
Well, I hope that you have enjoyed my little tour!!
Have a super fabulous day!!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

My journey to Syroco....

I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but last weekend, Ripon (which is a nice little town just south of me), was hosting it's citywide yard sale. When my husband asked me if I wanted to go, do you think I said no??? 
So, we stopped off at the Ace Hardware store in Ripon and picked up this really hard to read little map that listed all the homes with sales that day. 
We started in the downtown area, and saw quite a bit of junk and ugly particle board furniture, so of course I was getting a little discouraged and frustrated, especially when I saw a pick-up truck go by loaded down with the cutest wicker porch furniture! 

You know that terrible feeling you get when you just know everyone else is getting all the good stuff!! Ack!!!

So we drove around a bit more and I did find this cute little chicken timer, not really the kind of stuff I was searching for, but cute nonetheless!
We finally gave up on the old part of town and drove a 
little further north to the newer subdivisions. My husband was getting a little hot and cranky at that point........

oh wait, maybe that was me??...........

anyway, we passed by numerous homes with mostly junk (no offense anyone!) until I spied these lovely orange creations perched on a table......Aren't they the cutest? And only $1 each!! I only bought three, but of course later I was thinking I should have bought them all!! 
I always feel slightly guilty shopping with my husband though, he doesn't quite 'get' my urge to nest and decorate, he is much more practical, although he never makes comments, I feel like I can read his mind..."what in the world are you going to do with all of those??"
They are filled with down!! I adore them!!
She also had this lovely vintage silver tray that she topped with an old cake dome!! 
Three people picked this up and looked for a price before I snapped it up!! I could hear one husband telling his wife "This is great, you should get it! You know your Mom is always bringing goodies over" and I'm thinking...."Noooooo" Thankfully, they put it down and walked away, that's when I made my move, grabbed it and walked around with it until I found the owner...

$12?  SOLD!

She also had this cute vintage jar with a wooden lid that has 'PARIS' etched on it!! Too cute, and I knew it was perfect to fill with the pound of lavender I just bought!!!

We were getting hungry by then and I had to pee, so we started heading back when I saw what appeared to be a syroco mirror!!! Me: Oh, just what I've been looking for!!!  Him: Do you want to stop? Me: Yes Please!! Him: slight groan and rolls eyes....
I feigned interest in some nearby objects, all the while my eyes were glued to the mirror...I circled it, looking for major defects, oh it's in perfect condition! She had it marked at $28, but I figured I could get her down a bit, my husband said offer her $25, I thought no, I'll just ask what she would take, and it worked! She said she would take $20!!! WOW!! Ok lady, thank you!! 

I've seen these listed on ebay and etsy for much much more, plus there is shipping on top of that!! 

I was thrilled with my find!! After a little painting, sanding and glazing it turned out just as I had envisioned!!!

Love the rosettes!!

What do you think? Did I get a good deal??

Have a happy day everyone!
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Beautiful Mug from the Coffee Mug Swap!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

 I am sooo excited and thrilled to show you the wonderful Travel Mug I received from The Heatherly Loves Coffee Mug Swap! 
 My mug is from Misty at Mimis Meals and Deals! Misty did an incredible job finding just the right mug to suit my personality!   It is totally me...from the colors........ to the the most beautiful saying.......
Plant a Seed of Friendship; Reap a Bouquet of Happiness!! 

It is just so cottage-y and perfect! Don't you just love it?? 
I know my coffee is going to taste extra yummy in this mug!! It is all Porcelain, with a silicone top and sleeve! Very nice! 

Plus, look at how the pattern resembles my vintage feedsack doll quilt!!

I want to thank Misty from the bottom of my heart! I truly love it!! 

Ok, now when is the next mug swap?? ;) 

Actually, I believe Heather will be hosting another lovely Mug Swap, this time for Christmas!!! Be sure to visit her lovely blog for all the latest Mug Swap updates!!

Now if you'll excuse me.......
I'm going to go make myself a cup of coffee!!!!!! 
See ya later!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Can you say.......crochet??!

Well I sure can! And I did! For months! And months! And I never want to say it again!! Well..............that is, until the next adorable, irresistible  project catches my eye!! Hopefully the blisters will have healed by then!!
But, don't despair, there was light at the end of my self-induced, OCD, hook and yarn tunnel.........This lovely, fluffy, soft as a baby's bottom, afghan.......I just love the bright colors and the scalloped border! 

Actually, it wasn't the crocheting part that was so bad, that was really fun, and gratifying, those little granny squares whip up in no time. 

The part that drove me batty was the weaving in of the ends. UGH! The weaving, and the weaving and the weaving..........oh my.

I have to say it was worth it! I now have a lovely, "decorative" afghan to grace my chair, or my love seat...I haven't quite decided!! 
I say "decorative" because you don't think I am actually going to use it after all that work??? Heavens no! 

Well...........maybe when it starts getting chilly.........
Sock Monkey gives it his stamp of approval!!! 

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