Thursday, September 20, 2012

As promised......


Now, please keep in mind this a work in progress, and I will be posting new pictures as I make changes..... so stay tuned!!!

My cheerful wreath!! Turned out pretty good if I do say so...

My sweet scarecrow.... her job is to greet everyone with a warm welcome!

This is the mostly barren right side of my porch...

I just wanted to show you this planter, because I absolutely adore my sweet potato vine! It came back this year on it's own and I was so thrilled!!

Here is the arrangement I made yesterday....most of the flowers I got for super cheap at Goodwill last spring, with a few leftovers from the wreath!

Notice my darling burlap runner that I whipped up this morning.......I meant to make this last year, but you know how it goes... how'd that get in here, oh well another picture of my arrangement...I bought the stoneware pitcher at Michael's years ago....up until yesterday I was using it to hold paintbrushes.....yep, I'm a big fan of 'using what I have' in my decorating!!

And here is my darling little dining corner!! Not much of a dining room, but our house is little! You can see the front door to the left!!

Hope I haven't bored you too much yet, but if you are anything like me, then you can't get enough pictures!!.....I love to peek inside people's homes and see how they decorate their spaces!

This is my family room that used to be a garage...whoever converted it did a fantastic job! I adore the brickwork! Too bad we're renting!!

 Just a couple out back.....

Had to "Fall Up" my chicken run a bit!...

Here are my sweet girls....getting ready to lay their first eggs any day....
Left to right we have Junie B, Velvet, and Alice. I'll do a whole post on them soon with better pics.

Here is to the left of their run...this area used to be filled with flowers, and I swore I would not let them forage in there.....well, if you know much about chickens, you know they get into your hearts and it's just sooo hard to say no!! 
Time to replant!!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour!! Have a super blessed day!!


  1. Hi Deanna, it's nice to meet you. Thanks for your visit to my blog. I loved peeking in your home. Thanks for the tour. What a great job on all your Fall decor. I'm your newest follower:). I would love if you'd follow me back.

  2. Looks like fall in and around your house! Enjoyed visiting you! Kitty's not your newest follower--I am! LOL
    And, thanks for following me!

  3. Oh, your home is so pretty and cozy looking. Everything looks great. I love the arrangement you made, and the runner is beautiful! Great job! I'm a new follower.

  4. It's looking very festive and welcoming over at your place! Everything looks great.

  5. Thanks for sharing your Fall decor at Potpourri Friday! Your ruffled tablecloth and runner are so pretty! I am following you too!

  6. Love your cheerful wreath and all of the bright , fall colors...and your chickens are adorable, too!

  7. Beautiful fall decorating! Love your burlap runner. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home! I have you down for the giveaway!

  8. Loved your Fall decor! It all looks so happy. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from 2805. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  9. Love the table runner with the ruffle and the cheery wreath. The colors of the fall are so beautiful! Thank you so mnuch for stopping by 21 Rosemary Lane. Have a great weekend!!!


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