Monday, October 1, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs!!!!

We have eggs!!! Our sweet baby chickens have grown up, and are finally producing eggs!! Lovely, beautiful, perfect eggs!! I couldn't be more proud!! 

Here are my sweet girls enjoying the beautiful, sunny morning!!!

Junie B

If you have never considered keeping hens in your backyard, you should try it!!! They are a lot of fun and not too much work!! 

They add a tremendous amount of charm to your yard, and more and more towns are allowing them!! Plus, they give you lovely little gifts!! We raised our girls from day one and it's been an amazing experience!

Have a eggs-ceptional day everyone!!


  1. Those are beautiful eggs!! I would love to do this! Congrats on your first eggs!

  2. That's what I call fresh yard neighbor daughter's hens lay faithfully :) You have some beautiful girls indeed...blessings

  3. You're chicks are so pretty! One of my neighbors up the street has chickens wandering around their yard....they always look so cute when I drive by.

    Following via email!

  4. Isn't it such a thrill to collect and use your very own eggs? Congrats and thanks for joining Dogwood Lane Rambles :0

  5. How exciting! Do you think they would allow me to keep chickens in town? Sigh...

  6. You have some beautiful girls. Love all the variety in their feathers. Don't ya just love collecting those eggs? It never dulls. I just love doing it every day.

  7. Deanna, you have a charming bunch of girls there! I've always wanted to have chickens, but maybe someday when they can swim. :)

    Have a happy day! Hoping it cools off for the weekend.


  8. Those eggs look so delicious!! I'm following back with GFC and linky.

  9. Oh, your girls look so happy! They are beautiful! I can understand how excited you are to get fresh eggs! I have been keeping chickens for years,, and I never get over the excitement of the girls when they start laying their first eggs! There is nothing that compares with the taste either!
    Bless you and your girls!

  10. Thanks for sending me the link Laurel. I'm sorry I missed this. Your girls are beautiful. I'd love to let ours free range, but we live in the country with lots of hawks, eagles, fox and coyotes. Plus we have a dog who is verrrrry interested in our new ladies, so I can't let them free range, but they have a large run. Our black Australorps are pullets too. They've been giving us eggs since we got them and it's amazing how much bigger they (the eggs)are just in the two weeks we've had them.


  11. Hello Deanna! Loved meeting your " girls"! You are right.. keeping backyard chickens is a wonderful thing to do..and easy once your all set up for them. We've been keeping hens for 7 years and we never, ever tire of our farm fresh eggs! Thanks so much for joining the Farmgirl Friday blog hop and for including the link to our hop!


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