Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage Bisque Children

Happy TGIF everyone!!
Well, I have had a super busy week, so I haven't been able to post much, but I have enjoyed browsing through all your great blogs, and a new friend (you know who you are, Mary! ;) ) got me hooked on Pinterest, so I have been spending some time over there as well....
Anywho, I thought I would show you my collection of vintage bisque children...I have lovingly collected these little cuties over the last 6 or 7 years now, most of them were only a dollar or two at yard sales and such...I'm always on the lookout for more.....although I've been told it's time to call your collection complete when the shelf is full, otherwise you run the risk of venturing into hoarder territory...oh bother...
This one is my favorite
Although this one is pretty sweet..she's serenading the darling bunnies!!
 Awww that goose loves her!!

Here are some close-ups of the little girl with her sweet Raggedy Andy Dolly (By special request! Thanks Debra!) I love his bright little eyes!

I hope you have enjoyed the little bisque children...I know I sure do!!

I'll be joining The Charm Of Home's "Home Sweet Home" party, come on over and see all the great stuff!!



  1. sweet as can be...I love them... I have a couple girls with animals in red and kercheifs that would match your blue girl and goose. they are all precious. Mica

  2. Your bisque collection is so darling. Isn't Pinterst addicting!!!!I so love it.

  3. You have a wonderful collection of bisque children. I would love to get a better look at the one in the center of the top shelf -- the little one loving her dolly.

    Visiting from The Charm of Home, Debra

  4. Cute...I love the ones with the little Raggedy dolls...thanks for sharing...have a blessed weekend.

  5. The little figurines on your shelf are so sweet. And I love your hope cross. (That is my focus word for the year.) Am your newest follower.

  6. Thank you for the close-up photos! Very sweet indeed.


  7. How sweet! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  8. Those are so sweet. Very innocent and cute. I just have to say your hair in your profile pic is the cutest. I love it.


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