Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm Late...I'm Late..!!

Well, not really late...just seriously behind! I have been soo busy trying to deal with a yucky personal issue (not health related...thank goodness!), that I keep pushing everything else aside. Not to worry though...tomorrow it's over!! Yay, then I can stop worrying about it. 

In the meantime.... I thought I would say "Howdy-Do!" and share something for Rednesday!! I love red so darn much, I just couldn't resist!

Ta Da.....A darling little vintage Ohio Arts doggie tin plate!! I found this adorable little plate recently at a local Antiques Mall, as well as the little red dolly quilt and chalkware rabbit!! I think it all makes a sweet little display, what do you think??

Being held, of course, by Raggedy Ann
Pardon the glare...
See the bisque children in the mirror's reflection!
Oh My Gosh I'm cute!!
I love love love this rabbit!
This is the sweetest saying!! Can you see me in the relection?? Sorry 'bout that!!

Well, that's all I have for now....all the best to you 'til next time!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Everything is adorable! Love every single bit of it and such a cute vignette all together, makes me all smiley. :)

    Happy Rednesday!

  2. You did a super job on finding all these cute things for RED day.

  3. That is the sweetest little plate and Raggedy Ann looks quite happy to have the honor of holding it :) All your things made for a wonderful display...very sweet indeed.

  4. Hi That is a very sweet frame! Have a lovely week! Sunny

  5. Hi, its me again :) your home is charming! By all means make that educator hubby a jar. This year I plan to add 25 more...and so kids love it too. This week I'll open the jar and share what's written. Have a wonderful week in sunny Calif.( we're in Ohio)Sunny..I'm your newest fan!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog & now I've found yours! Love your display, the doggie tin is precious, aw~your sweet bunny too, and the little framed saying...guess I just like everything! Following your blog now.

  7. precious...I love it and the Raggedy is so sweet...oh the childhood memories. Hope all will be well and no more worries...Blessings, Mica

  8. Thanks so much for your visit! Love your reds especially the Raggety Ann doll!! Too Cute!!


  9. Hello! Love the tin and especially the little rabbit -such a sweet expression - the quote is beautiful - made my day! Thank you for sharing and I am your newest follower
    God Bless,


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